Marcella and George: Clarity

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Marcella and George album Clarity.

Wth an extensive music career spanning over 30 years, George Quirin’s on-stage and recording studio  experience includes a variety of musical styles including Classical, Flamenco, Brazilian, Jazz, Blues, Pop, R&B and RockGeorge has worked with musicians, composers and songwriters such as:


George & Michael McDonald.

• Gilles Apap
• Michael McDonald
• Kenny Loggins
•  Cella
• Jeff Elliott
• Luis Munoz
• Manuel Iman
• Ben Margulies (Mariah Carey songwriter/producer)
• Scott Bennett (Brian Wilson bandmember/co-writer/co-producer)
• Barry DeVorzon
•  Brian Mann
•  Jimmy Hodder (original Steely Dan drummer)
• Les McCann


George & Bruce Huebner.

• High Tide
•  J. J. Cale
• Synapse
• The Blue Meanies
• Randy Tico
• Kevin Winard
• James Antunez
• Chris Judge
• Chris Thomas
• Nia Peeples
• Fred Raulston
• Kiyoshi Tokunaga
• Peter Slocombe
• Passionaire
• Chris Fossek
• Robert Boyd
• and many others