Collaborator; Marcella and George: Clarity

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Marcella and George album Clarity, one of George’s earliest works as a collaborator.

With an extensive music career spanning over 30 years, George Quirin’s on-stage and recording studio experience includes a variety of musical styles. As a composer and collaborator, he’s contributed to successful projects all over the world, in styles of Classical, Flamenco, Brazilian, Jazz, Blues, Pop, R&B and RockGeorge has worked as a collaborator with musicians, composers and songwriters such as:


George & Michael McDonald.

  •  Gilles Apap
  •  Michael McDonald
  •  Kenny Loggins
  • Cella
  • Jeff Elliott
  • Luis Munoz
  • Manuel Iman
  •  Ben Margulies (Mariah Carey songwriter/producer)
  •  Scott Bennett (Brian Wilson bandmember/co-writer/co-producer)
  • Barry DeVorzon
  •  Brian Mann
  •  Jimmy Hodder (original Steely Dan drummer)
  • Les McCann
Music Collaborator; George-&-Bruce-Huebner

George & Bruce Huebner.

  •  High Tide
  • J. J. Cale
  • Synapse
  • The Blue Meanies
  • Randy Tico
  •  Kevin Winard
  • James Antunez
  • Chris Judge
  • Chris Thomas
  • Nia Peeples
  • Fred Raulston
  • Kiyoshi Tokunaga
  •  Peter Slocombe
  •  Passionaire
  • Chris Fossek
  •  Robert Boyd
  • and many others


Additionally, George is a fantastic teacher and contributor to the local community. His work as a professional musician has given him a ton of exposure to taking on new recording and producing gigs. He loves getting the opportunity to perform with other local musicians, as well as record his own exceptional work.


Give George a call today to learn more about how to get in touch on future collaborations!