Hiring a music composer can really take your ideas to the next level. You won’t be able to tell the difference between the original and your film, program, or other media because of the expertly crafted soundtrack and tone adjustments.


If you are not someone who is big into the music world, then you may not be familiar with what a composer is or what exactly they do. Put simply, a composer is someone who writes music as a career. Composers typically take on the job of not only writing music, but they also typically arrange the music they write for a variety of media such as movies, television, video games, stage productions, and even advertisements. If a composer creates their music for media such as these, then they are tasked with making the product specific enough to meet the requirements of the client they are working with.

Now, you may be asking yourself, then what is the difference between a composer and a music producer? The difference is that a music producer involves much more of the technical side of creating music by creating various sounds or soundtracks for different forms of media. In contrast, being a composer of music involves creating song themes or scores to be used in various forms of media as listed previously.

music composer

George is a gifted composer and contributor to the Santa Barbara County community.


The skills of a composer

  • Lots of attention to even the smallest details
  • Expansive knowledge of the music industry
  • Know how to use pacing and variety in the music they write and create
  • Technical production
  • Sound engineering
  • Use musical structures
  • An abundance of creativity and a knack for thinking outside of the box
  • Musical ability (of course)
  • Ability to write from the heart
  • Know how to play instrument(s)
  • Visualization
  • Communication

Now that you are more aware of what a composer is, how they are different from music producers, and what skills are usually necessary to be a composer, the work of such an artistic individual can be appreciated more. If you have any questions regarding my music or performances, please contact me!