Getting that perfect sound for your guitar tone is a fine line you have to walk carefully. Otherwise, you can overwhelm your audience and create a sound that doesn’t fit your work. Here are some tips to hone in a sound that you love without losing sight of what structurally makes it great.


Tips for the Perfect Guitar Tone


Clean vs Crunch

Both attributes have their place with your music. First, you’ll have to decide on how distortion, reverb, delay, and others are going to fit into your sound. Is the song a bit heavier and needs some optimization between the three, or can you stick with a cleaner sound supplemented by the trio? In either case, this going to take some heavy refining on your own.


Don’t Stick with One Tone for Every Song

Just because you love the tone you’ve found, doesn’t mean you should use it for every song. This robs you of the identity you created that’s so unique with your music. Some of the all time greats are crafty with their tone, where it sounds just a bit different every time, but you can tell it’s them in many cases. Eddie Van Halen is a great example of this. Regardless of how he applied his tone and found different sounds, you could always tell it was him not only by his style of playing, but the tones he applied.


Work with a Professional Music Producer on Experimenting with Your Gear


Your gear makes up all the tools you have to create the perfect sound you’re looking for. With the help of a professional, you can work together to harness a sound that perfectly suits your music, while also experimenting and trying new ideas.


Find Your Next Great Guitar Tone Today!


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